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April 8, 2005

Blood and Alcohol — A Day of Health for Southampton College Students
Students Get Involved in Blood Donation and National Alcohol Awareness

Jordan Cook(

Southampton, NY — A big, smiling drop of blood waddles around campus with a sign reading "Blood Drive". A red arrow below it points in the direction of the campus dining hall. Set up in "the Cove", the school’s rathskeller ordinarily reserved for Karaoke competitions and Poker nights, were blue-grey stretchers and lots of needles, ready to channel blood from enthusiastic donors.

"Everything’ll be okay." "This won’t hurt a bit." "Isn’t it nice to be on the giving end rather than the receiving?" These were some of the reassuring words heard from the New York Blood Specialists as they prepped the students with alcohol swabs and smiles.

"I’m a first-timer," said Sophomore Chris Dennis. "My mother was sick a lot while I was in high school and needed blood donations. As an athlete in my high school, I was never allowed to give blood, then I got my tattoo and had to wait another year, so this is special to me."

Meanwhile, upstairs, Director of Counseling Maggie Marcincuk pops in the ten minute video on alcohol abuse and hands the viewers their raffle tickets. She hands another few tickets to the students taking the surveys and then offers some popcorn. It’s the National Alcohol Screening Day at Southampton College and the students vie for the giveaways and movie passes. A wide variety of information on alcohol awareness litters the table around which students fill-out questionnaire on their drinking habits.

Freshman Psychology major Nikki Stiefel says students would definitely benefit from the day of health. The NASD activity could really help people evaluate their problems.

Southampton College has been running blood drives every semester for years, but this is the first time the NASD’s been to the campus. For a school populated by young environmental advocates, it’s not too surprising that these conscientious College students would get involved in this day of personal health.