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December 9, 2004

Southampton College Troupe Presents HIV/AIDS Awareness Program
Southampton Players and Their Fifth Presentation of “Better Choices, Better Chances”

Jordan Cook (

Southampton, NY –The Southampton Players Outreach Theatre, or S.P.O.T., completed the fifth incarnation of their original sex-education series “Better Choices, Better Chances: Five Golden Rules” for local high schools this Friday, spreading knowledge about sex to today’s youth.

Southampton Players director Michael Disher says the idea behind the program is to provide its audience with knowledge pertaining to sex in a fun, informative way, spoken in a language that the students understand.

“Every cast has been different,” Disher remarked. “It’s difficult to compare or contrast the shows because, due to the changing cast, every incarnation of this piece has brought about different opinions and different factual information.”

Past performances have included monologues and called on audience members to participate in mock game shows, with every piece concluding with a question and answer period.

This year’s performance addressed topics like teen pregnancy and date rape and included a hilarious musical skit on STDs.  HIV made another appearance this year, sporting a panama hat and accompanied by a rather charismatic female counterpart.

The troupe performed for high schools in Westhampton, Shelter Island, Bridgehampton, and Southampton, including a special performance at the Parrish Memorial Hall and one at Easthampton Middle School.  To ensure that the presentations are factually represented all participants in the program are required to attend an 8-hour training session with the New York State Department of Health/AIDS Institute.  The program is funded in part by the Southampton Hospital and the David E. Rogers Center for HIV/AIDS Care.