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December 7, 2004

Southampton College’s Swimming Club Makes a SPLASH  at C.W. Post

Jordan Cook (

Southampton, NY – “This is capping 101,” says Ann-Marie Salvato, vice-president of SPLASH, stretching the swimming cap wide as Natasha Figueras holds her rather cumbersome ponytail together at the back of her head.  Ann-Marie counts to three and pounces on Natasha’s skull who struggles to push stray hair strands into the rubber cap.  Passers-by watch through the glass-paned wall eight lanes of bodies moving through water, green and blue waves painted along the concrete wall, yellow and green flags strung across the pool.

“So do we count our own laps, or how does this work?” asks Ashton Schardt, a Liberal Studies major at the Southampton College of Long Island University.  He is referring to the recent endeavor of his school’s swimming club, SPLASH. Every Saturday morning at 9:00, the small group of swimmers belonging to SPLASH has convened at the Amagansett dormitory and carpooled to the local YMCA to swim laps or just have fun in the water for ten dollars per person.  Unfortunately, this year’s club budget has been reduced and the YMCA has increased the swimming fee by five dollars leaving Splash members to find a way to raise funds all on their own.

In an effort to raise awareness for their cause, members of Splash wondered around the campus dining hall during meal times in their swimsuits telling anyone who would listen to make plans to be at C.W. Post on Saturday, November 6th from noon to four and possibly serve as a sponsor with the option of donating to any number of swimmers as little as ten cents per lap or a flat rate of any amount they choose.  The club plans to split the total amount of funds raised down the middle, half for the club’s beach trips, the other half donated to Swim Across the Sound, an organization for cancer research.

When asked if she had any nervous feelings about her swim, Ann-Marie replied with a simple “No,” adjusted her cap, and began swimming.  SPLASH is for students to “just get in the water, have fun, and exercise,” she says.  So when she asked a non-member Ashley Kozikosky if she would like to be a sponsored swimmer, the former lifeguard and swimming coach who says she loves “anything that has to do with the pool” climbed aboard the bandwagon.

“It’s an awesome club,” says Kasey Jacobs, the Environmental Science/Biology major who started the club in 2003 after discovering Southampton College’s lack of a swim team.

By the end of the day spent swimming at C.W. Post campus, the estimated amount of funds raised came to around $659, nearly three times more than SPLASH members expected to earn, a true testament to the kind of spirit the Southampton community will be bringing to C.W. Post.