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November 22, 2004

Southampton College Senior Michelle Monti Exhibits in First Solo Show
Larger Than Life Elements Collaborate for an Other-Worldly Display

Amanda Olsen (

Southampton, NY – Hicksville native Michelle Monti merges the physical and the paranormal at Southampton College’s Avram Gallery in her one-woman show “A Moment Detached from Reality”. The installation will be open for viewing December 6- 17, with a reception December 9 from 4-6 p.m.

Feeding on a fascination with the events of an overloaded sensory system, 21-year-old Monti narrowed her vision of “an electrifying moment of incomprehensible emotions” to the phenomenon of phosphene.

“Phosphene is a luminous impression caused when pressure is applied to the retina with the eyes closed,” Monti explained. “I am attempting to capture when the mind and body are overwhelmed and detach from reality for the moment. The pieces’ sizes display the awesome sense of the experience in a physical state.”

The embodiment of this experience takes the form of oversized objects made from sprayed insulation foam, pool floats and paint. Through spray foam, on armatures made of string and round pool floats, the sculptural form and the surface appear organic. The foam properties refer to aspects of the organic structures of the body and mind.

 The colors painted on the pieces are analogous with what would be seen during the Phosphene phenomenon. In most individual pieces, the colors used emphasize one another to make them seem more vibrant and intense. All of the pieces are painted in such away that enhance the surfaces’ textural form and accentuate their structure. The different units of sculptures work together, paralleling how the body is made up of different components for example: intestines, the brain, the spleen, veins and other organs.

For information about the exhibit please call Gallery Director Beth Giles at (631) 287-8234.

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