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November 17, 2004

Evan Frankel Foundation Scholarships to Marine Science Students Are Announced
Student Research Awards Total $272,000 Since 1997; Aids in College’s Experiential Educational Opportunities

Amanda Olsen (

Southampton, NY -- Seven students in the Marine Science Program at Southampton College of Long Island University have been awarded $4,000 scholarships by the Evan Frankel Foundation based in East Hampton.  The Foundation, which made its first grant to students in the College’s Marine Science Program in 1997, has now awarded 63 scholarships for a total of $272,000.

This fall’s scholarship winners are Katie Newman of Milford, Mass., Amanda Sabol of Weatherly, P.A., Lindsey Rohbach of Wilmington, Del., Nina Thompson of Akron, N.Y., Carly Kenkel of Litchfield Park, Ariz., Jason Havelin of Waterloo, N.Y. and Brian Gibbons of Babylon, N.Y.

Southampton College Provost Daniel Rodas said the College was extremely grateful that The Evan Frankel Foundation has continued its support to the marine science students.

“ To continue to support our students especially during this period of change as we transfer our undergraduate program to our sister college C.W. Post, and as SUNY Stony Brook begins to absorb our marine science program, shows a remarkable commitment to our students and to our programs ,” he said.

“This support will enable our students to become tomorrow’s leaders in marine research and preservation.”

The Marine and Environmental Sciences programs at the College are nationally recognized for their excellence, and have produced 37 prestigious Fulbright scholars in the past 28 years -- an astounding number for an institution as small as Southampton.  More than 1,000 men and women have graduated from the program and gone on to leading graduate schools and distinguished careers.

The Frankel Scholarships allow Southampton College marine science students to pursue such diverse interests as studying tropical marine ecosystems in the South Pacific, sea turtles in Puerto Rico and bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Maine, holding internships around the world, working with marine mammals, and studying marine chemistry at the Monterey Bay Research Institute.

Six of the latest scholarship recipients, Rohrbach, Gibbins, Thompson, Kenkel, Sabol and Havelin, will all use their awards to participate in the Tropical Marine Biology research trip to the South Pacific island of Vanuatu during the College’s intersession. Katie Newman will enroll in the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program at Williams College, participating in hands-on studies of ocean environments from the Pacific Northwest to the Caribbean.

Established in 1978, The Evan Frankel Foundation’s primary emphasis is in higher education, the humanities and the environment. The late Evan Frankel, who received an Honorary Degree from Southampton College in 1982, was instrumental in founding the Jewish Center of the Hamptons and was active in the East End community for more than 50 years.