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September 2, 2004

Suffolk County, Southampton College and Cornell Collaborate to Save the Scallop

Amanda Olsen (

For Immediate Release

Southampton, NY – In a strong show of support for local industry and the environment, the $1.75 million ‘Restoration of Peconic Bay Scallop Populations and Fisheries’ project was launched this week. The project, a collaborative effort between Southampton College, the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and Suffolk County government, focuses on the planting of 6-10 million scallops during each of four consecutive years.

The project represents the largest bay scallop restoration effort in the United States. Southampton College will assist with the scallop plantings and will be responsible for overseeing their success. This involves monitoring scallop survival and reproduction and the recruitment of juvenile scallops and population levels in the bay. The College also will examine the genetic contribution of planted stock and examine how environmental factors, such as water quality, affect the success of the scallop plantings.

Faculty members participating in the study include Drs. Chris Gobler, Brad Peterson, Maria Kretzmann, Stephen Tettelbach and Ed Himelblau. The research team will be coordinating with colleagues at Cornell Cooperative Extension and local baymen, who have contributed to scallop restoration efforts and other research for over 15 years. Students will assist with all aspects of the project.

Said Tettelbach, “There’s a lot at stake here. We are very excited about working together to help bring the bay scallop back.”