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April 7, 2003
Southampton College BrainWASH Seminar: Before The Beginning of Time

Professor Gaurav Khanna to Share His Views in Public Lecture

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The Big Bang has largely been viewed not only as the birth of our Universe, but also as the birth of Space and Time. However, with recent developments in the Quantum Theory of Space and Time, it is now possible to ask, and begin to answer, questions like, "What happened before the Big Bang?" with a level of scientific rigor.

Southampton College Professor Gaurav Khanna will present his views on these new advances in a lecture entitled "Before The Beginning of Time" on Wednesday, April 16 at 1:15 p.m. in the College's Duke Lecture Hall.

The talk, part of BrainWASH, a lecture series presented by the Natural Science Division faculty of Southampton College, will take place at Duke Lecture Hall at Southampton College. For further information on other talks in the BrainWASH lecture series, please call the Natural Science Division at (631)287-8402.