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January 3, 2003
College Security Officer Jim Storan to be Honored at Jets Halftime

Longtime Jets Fan Guarded Real U.S. Jets Near Afghanistan

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Southampton College security officer and lifelong Jets fan Jim Storan will have a dream come true tomorrow at the New York Jets home playoff game. Storan will watch the game from the sidelines before being honored at halftime for his service in the Air National Guard in support of American forces in Afghanistan.

Storan, who has worked at Southampton College for three years, has been active-duty with the Guard for 17 years and is stationed in Westhampton Beach. He resides in Medford. He will be recognized with two upstate Guard members tomorrow. Earlier this year, from Memorial Day weekend through September 10, Storan was stationed in Oman as an E-5 Staff Sergeant overseeing the Air Force's security operations at an air base that flew regular missions into hostile territory.

For Storan, this is an added bonus. His blood runs Jets green, and this is a rare home playoff appearance for his team. He is well known on campus and on the base for always rooting for the home team and purposely bought a dark green Rav 4 truck, which wasn't long out of the showroom before he added Jets stickers. He had been trying unsuccessfully to get game tickets before Guard headquarters enlisted him for this (much easier) mission.


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