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The Homeland Security Management Institute's
Faculty Publications / Research / Achievements

The Homeland Security Management Institute's Faculty of Senior Fellows is actively engaged in various scholarly activities contributing to a wide range of disciplines within the homeland security field. Recent publications, documented research, featured lectures, and other faculty achievements are posted below:

Joseph (Greg) Kaufmann, M.A., M.S.

  • Edited by Greg Kaufmann and published by the Strategic Studies Institute at the Army War College, Stability Operations and State Building: Continuities and Contingencies is a compilation of papers and presentations delivered at an Army War College / Austin Peay State University colloquium held at the War College. It focuses on the unprecedented challenges the Global War on Terrorism and US interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq have posed for the US military (especially the Army and Marines Corps) in reestablishing entire countries and rebuilding their institutions.
    Available Online
    To download the PDF document click here

James F. Miskel, Ph.D.

  • James Miskel is the author of "Disaster Response and Homeland Security What Works, What Doesn't", published by the Stanford University Press. This book is available for purchase directly through the publisher at www.sup.org/book.cgi?id=16470

Stan Supinski, Ph.D.

  • Stan Supinski is the co-author of the article "Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercises: A Primer for the Classroom and Beyond" published by the Berkeley Electronic Press, October 2008. Article abstract is located at http://www.bepress.com/jhsem/vol5/iss1/36. Full article is available for direct download at the link posted below.
    Available Online
    Downloadable PDF Document: Click here

Bert B. Tussing, M.A., M.S.S.

  • Bert Tussing has published the article, "New Requirements of a New Challenge: The Military's Role in Homeland Security," in the Volume IV No. 3: October 2008 issue of Homeland Security Affairs, the preeminent peer-reviewed journal in the Homeland Security discipline.
    Available Online
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