Application for Financial Aid
  1. Print out this form, and complete it. Please enter all information neatly.
  2. Send the form in along with you Application for Admission.
  3. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Include C.W. Post's college code (002751). Your application for financial aid will not be reviewed until a copy of the FAFSA is received.
  4. Apply as early as possible for Financial Aid: Applications are processed on a rolling basis.

    ** Note: Only students who have been officially accepted will be considered for financial aid.

All material sent by mail along with Admissions material must be addressed to:

The Admissions Office
Southampton Graduate Campus
Long Island University
239 Montauk Highway
Southampton, NY 11968-4198

First Name:____________________________________
Middle Name:____________________________________
Last Name:____________________________________

Street Address 1:___________________________________________
Street Address 2:___________________________________________
County Code:______________________

Telephone Number (with area code): __________________________
Social Security Number: ______________________
Do you intend to live in a residence hall on campus? Yes No
Intended Major ____________________________________________
When do you plan to begin your studies?   Fall 20____    Spring 20____    Summer 20____
Have you filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? Yes No
Will you be attending Full Time Part Time

If you are a transfer student, you must submit a Financial Aid Transcript from all previous colleges, even if aid was not received:

Name of Institution: Dates Attended (dd/mm/yyyy) - (dd/mm/yyyy)
____________________________________ ____________________________________
____________________________________ ____________________________________
____________________________________ ____________________________________
____________________________________ ____________________________________

Please check one of the following:
I certify that I am not required to be registered with the Selective Service because (choose one):
  I am female.
  I am in the armed services on active duty (Note: members of the Reserves and National Guard are not considered on active duty.)
  I have not reached my 18th birthday.
  I was born before 1960.
  I am a permanent resident of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (PALAU) or a citizen of the Marshall Islands or the Federated States of Micronesia.
  I certify that I am registered with the Selective Service.
  Notice: You will not receive Title IV financial aid unless you complete this statement and, if required, give proof that you are registered.

I do declare that the information on this form, to the best of my knowledge, is true, correct and complete and that the Southampton Graduate Campus of Long Island University has my permission to verify the information reported. I understand that my application will not be reviewed until my confidential Financial Aid Form and supporting documents are received by the Financial Aid Office.

Your Signature: _______________________________________

Date: ____________________