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General Information

Transfer Credit

Up to six graduate credit hours with grades of "B" or higher may be accepted as transfer credits from an accredited graduate college or university if they were completed within five years of the date of application, and if they correspond to similar courses in this program. In-service courses will not be accepted. Transfer credits will not be recorded until the student has completed 15 credit hours in residence. Courses taken at another college or university after a student has applied for admission may not be used for transfer credit unless prior permission has been obtained.

Note: No third party courses may be used for credits toward a master's degree.

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Long Island University at Riverhead Graduate Off-Campus Courses

Only one off-campus course may be taken for inclusion in the Long Island University at Riverhead Master's Program. Students must obtain prior approval. Should the course be approved, it may only be used as an elective in the Master's Program. A student may not take an off-campus course if that student has been granted three or more transfer credits.

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Independent Study in Education (EDUC 600)

Up to three credit hours of EDUC 600 may be applied toward the degree. Students must have degree matriculation and have taken 24 credits in the program.

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Time Limitation

A student has a maximum of five years from the date of matriculation to complete the degree. A time extension may be granted in certain cases by petition to the Graduate Policy Committee and with approval from the Director.

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For graduation, a student must have:

  1. Completed all required course work with a 3.0 average or higher.
  2. A course grade below a B- is not acceptable.  Any course below must be repeated for a higher grade.  A student having to repeat more than one course will be withdrawn from the program.

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Students are obligated to meet the necessary requirements and prerequisites (indicated within each Phase's list of courses) for each Phase of the program, and to have the necessary evidence on file in the Education Office.

Students seeking degrees who do not hold any valid New York State certification and who wish to become eligible for initial certification in Childhood Education (1 6) must complete a prescribed curriculum and EDUC 691E, Student Teaching and Seminar (6 credit hours).

Class attendance is the responsibility of the student. Attendance at all course sessions is expected. Assignments missed because of absence are accepted at the discretion of the instructor.

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