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This is an intense three-credit field study program held in the tropical regions of the world to observe the natural history, ecology and biology of these exotic areas. The course is designed to introduce students to a wide variety of tropical organisms and ecosystems.  The scientific method employing observational or experimental studies will be used to address issues of interest in ecology and tropical biology.

The course's major regions of interest are Central and South America. Sites vary each year and have included tropical ecosystems such as the Amazon River Basin of Brazil. The 2003 course was held in Peru and covered the Andes to the Amazon.

Ten days were spent at the Amazon Conservation Association's  spectacular Los Amigos tropical research facility situated deep in the Peruvian Amazon. Much of the travel was by riverboat. Students learned about the cultures of indigenous people of the region and spent time visiting the ancient Incan ruins including Machu Picchu and several days at a research station in a remote and pristine cloud forest. Cutting-edge technology including Global Positioning Systems and microscopy aided students as they undertook original projects in environmental science, ecology and tropical biology. In many instances, hiking, wildlife observation and nature photography/videography were integrated into student projects.

Because of the pristine nature of the rain forest in this region, the opportunities for research and the culture of this region, the January 2005 the field course will again take place in the Peru, where we will travel from the Andes to the Amazon.

Information on next year's course may be obtained from Professor Art Goldberg, (arthur.goldberg@.liu.edu, 631-287-8404)

The Tropical Field Studies website can also be reached directly by typing in www.tropicalfieldstudies.net

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