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Tropical Marine Ecology is a team-taught travel course. The specific faculty members change from year to year, but there is always at least one faculty member from America (Southampton Graduate Campus) and one from Australia. Have a look below to learn more about some of the faculty who may be leading the trip next year.

John Kirkwood

The AustraLearn: Tropical Marine Ecology Course is largely the product of Dr. John Kirkwood. He has been the trip leader for several years and is the man in charge! When he is not leading this trip, Dr. Kirkwood works for The Queensland Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries & Aquaculture) as a Senior Fisheries Biologist.
In his own words: "As a marine ecologist, I am most interested in learning more about the biological and physical processes that influence the distribution and abundance of marine organisms. I am currently conducting research into fisheries-ecosystem interactions, particularly the effects of external environmental factors (including human activities) on fish populations
and fish species assemblages. Prior to coming to Queensland and becoming involved in fisheries research, I had a long history of involvement in Antarctic marine research. My primary research interests there were the ecology of coastal fjords, and the ecology of Antarctic krill. I have also contributed to research into the population dynamics of seals and penguins in Antarctica, and currently contribute to research into the conservation of dugongs in Moreton Bay, Queensland."

Art Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg helped establish this course and has been a trip leader many times. As a Professor of Chemistry and Marine Science at Southampton Graduate Campus, Dr. Goldberg brings to the course years of experience in the field and a deep understanding of chemical interactions in the marine environment. His specific research interests include bioactive compounds, biotoxins and novel secondary metabolites from marine organisms, and ethnobotany and bioactive compounds from terrestrial plants. Never satisfied to rest on his laurels, Dr. Goldberg has recently been developing another travel course titled: Tropical field Studies in Biology and Environmental Science. Click on the title to learn more about it.

Robert Turner

Dr. Robert Turner is the rookie of the bunch with regard to this trip. 2002 was his first time in Australia, let alone helping to teach the course, but he is primed to help teach it again. Dr. Turner is an Assistant Professor of Marine and Environmental Sciences at Southampton College. His specialties include coastal sedimentology, carbonate processes, nearshore oceanography, and contaminant hydrology. With this background, Dr. Turner helps to flesh out how physical processes and abiotic factors influence tropical marine ecosystems. Also, as the representative of Southampton Graduate Campus, he is responsible for evaluating the students and their work. For more information on Dr. Turner, click here.

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