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Center for Creative Retirement

CCR welcomes retired individuals who are interested in the world of ideas and who value social interaction with those of similar interests.  Membership, by application, is open year round for CCR’s continuing education programs. Activities include: study groups in a broad spectrum of contemporary issues, literary and cultural areas; seminars and roundtable discussions on current social issues; trips to museums, galleries, theaters in New York and elsewhere, and to sites of ecological and historical interest; intergenerational contact and exchange of ideas with Southampton Campus' students; a newsletter on CCR activities, written and published by CCR members; and much more. For more information, please call (631) 287-8316.

Program Coordinator: Cynthia Fecteau

Center for Creative Retirement
A Vibrant Alternative
If you are a retired person living on eastern Long Island who seeks intellectual stimulation and an active involvement in exploring your own educational and cultural interests, CCR has a more creative approach for the use of your leisure time than is otherwise available.

CCR is the Center for Creative Retirement – an educational “greenhouse” of diverse activities, resources and learning experiences for men and women who wish to spend their mature years excitingly – expanding their lifescapes by fulfilling intellectual, cultural and social needs and potentials.

In combination with the opportunities for warm friendships with their peers, both on and off campus, members find the total CCR experience a unique formula that enriches this important stage of their lives.

The CCR Concept
Founded in 1981, CCR capitalizes upon the proven principle that the skills, insights, educational background and life experiences of retirees are important assets for making their post-career years a vital new phase for living fully and more creatively.  Members act together to design their own programs and select their own roles as leaders, teachers, reporters and participants in informal study groups, workshops, roundtables and projects, also of their choosing.

The key objectives of CCR are to offer more stimulating and meaningful ways to broaden personal perspectives, develop specific potentials through direct involvement in the process of learning and discovering, and to share individual expertise with peers in an atmosphere of social intimacy.  The result for CCR members is an adventure in retirement that improves the quality of their lives and that of the larger community.

Self-directed learning centers for retirees have proved successful on scores of major university campuses around the country.  CCR on the Southampton Graduate Campus is the first such facility in Suffolk County.

We stress the creative aspect in our name and in our manner of operating.  Located as we are in the heart of the Hamptons, home to so many of the country’s most accomplished artists, writers, editors, filmmakers, musicians, theater personalities and artisans, CCR taps their creativity on behalf of its members through close-up views of their work as well as talks by these leading personalities on their artistic and philosophic insights.


What CCR Offers
As a CCR member, you are involved in creating the curriculum and selecting from among the many activities and subject areas you wish to participate in, including:

  • Study groups in a broad spectrum of contemporary issues, literary and cultural areas.
  • Seminars and roundtable discussions on current social issues.
  • Meetings with area artistic and literary personalities to develop creative insights into a variety of cultural disciplines.
  • Participation of key faculty members in relevant study areas.
  • Trips to museums, New York and local galleries, and to sites of ecological and historic interest.
  • A newsletter on CCR activities.
  • Full Southampton Graduate Campus library privileges with your CCR membership card, including use of Suffolk Cooperative Library System and the Long Island Library Resources Council, and direct access to the extensive libraries of LIU’s other campuses


CCR Curriculum
Combining a we-run-it-ourselves philosophy of educational exploration with social camaraderie, the CCR curriculum creates a new dimension in lifelong learning that fosters a sense of discovery and a greater awareness of, and sensitivity to, what is happening in the world around us.  Members share responsibility in curriculum planning, in specific subject selection and in the development of the program.  Their active involvement in the various roles of leadership or participation provides the exhilaration and ego satisfaction many retirees seek, using their own life experiences and personal resources.

CCR members may participate in all or as many courses as they wish.  Since the curriculum consists of whatever subject areas the membership chooses, it keeps growing and changing as study areas are completed and new subjects are selected.

The following represents a sampling of typical study areas, although the range of subjects is unlimited.  Actual courses offered are decided upon by the membership each semester. 

Current Affairs

Views of the News
International Relations
Our Role in a Changing World

Literature and the Arts

Modern Literature
Poetry and Play Reading
Understanding Art: Visits to Artists’ Studios
Appreciating Music

Social Sciences

Controversial Figures in History
Communications for the 21st Century
Pivotal Events in American History
Pivotal Events in European History
Great Essays


What’s New in Science
Understanding the Human Body




CCR Director, Cynthia Fecteau
After serving as Assistant Director, Ms. Fecteau was appointed Director of the Center for Creative Retirement in 2001.  Ms. Fecteau is a native Manhattanite who has lived on the east end for the past 35 years.  She attended St. John’s University, worked as a reporter for the Mid-Ocean News in Bermuda and was a specialist for CBS in Travel Planning and Accommodations.  After moving with her family to Hampton Bays, Ms. Fecteau was employed by the Hampton Bays School system and then as an administrative assistant to the Comptroller of the Town of Southampton.  In 1994 she retired as Director of Admissions at Southampton Hospital.


Membership Information
CCR welcomes retired individuals who are interested in the world of ideas and in searching for solutions to problems of society and the individual, and who value mutuality and social interaction with those of similar interests.  It is a unique opportunity to join a community of mature men and women who are reinventing retirement into an educational, cultural and social experience of their own design.  And, the stimulating environment of the Southampton Graduate Campus provides the background.

For an annual fee of $200, a member of CCR may participate in all phases of the CCR program.  Part-time (semester) and “Snowbird” memberships are available at lower fees.  CCR sessions are scheduled three days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday), for an hour and a half each morning and afternoon session, from September through May with a Winter recess in January.  The morning sessions run from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. followed by lunch from 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  The afternoon sessions run from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.  Workshops begin at 1:30 p.m.  Members may attend as many classes as they wish.  Library facilities may be used any time during library hours.  Members bring their own lunches.

Membership is by application. CCR is administered through the Office of Continuing Education, located on the second floor of Chancellors’ Hall.  The phone number is (631) 287-8316, or email at contstudies@southamtpon.liu.edu

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